Around the world, FHD has been a trusted supplier and dedicated partner that provides a wide range of quality chemicals and valued services to customers in various areas, including papermaking, water treatment, agriculture, food, construction, pharmaceuticals and cross industries.
Through our decades of experience in segment markets, global supply network, production and R&D centers, we serve customers around the world and improve their product quality and yield, resource efficiency and sustainability.
FHD ensures a reliable, safe, timely and responsible supply chain from strict raw material sourcing to optimized logistics network.
We understand your needs and we are fully committed to provide you with safe, reliable products and solutions for a profitable and sustainable future.


We enable our customers to improve their energy and raw material efficiency and product quality.


Our vision is to be the first choice in chemistry for the range of industries we are engaged in, to be your best supplier and partner.


We drive performance and quality. We are dedicated to customer success.


We win with best suited products and valuable services that improve our customer’s product quality, process and resource efficiency.


FHD ensures a reliable, safe and responsible supply chain from end-to-end: from the procurement of raw materials to the final product and delivery to our customers.

We source our raw materials responsibly and assess our suppliers against strict criteria, which includes:

  • ●  Zero environmental harm

  • ●  Zero harm to people

  • ●  Customer satisfaction

We conduct sustainability assessments on our suppliers, and ensure they meet our strict requirements for responsible business conduct. Our logistics network guarantees a reliable chemical supply, worldwide. The focus is on good visibility of delivery status, optimized loads and routes, safety and customer satisfaction.

We have a passionate and skilled team serving our customers around the world, who care a lot for your needs, act tirelessly for your success. Our services include but not limited in:

  • ●   24 x 7 online service

  • ●  Tailored product and solution

  • ●  Fast delivery, optimized shipping package and routes