Do you really understand the paper cup?

Posted on Sep 22.2022

Do you really understand the paper cup?

With the development of the catering industry and the improvement of hygiene needs, disposable paper cups have become a must-have for people's lives. Industry statistics show that China will consume about 60 billion paper cups in 2021.


Today, let us get to know the paper cups that can be seen everywhere in daily life.


Let's get to know paper cups together


The history of disposable paper cups is not long. According to relevant information, the earliest patented paper cups appeared in the 20th century. In 1907, a Boston attorney named Lawrence Luellen made a disposable drinking cup out of paper, and Luellen's paper cup was awarded a U.S. patent in 1912.

Disposable paper cups have been widely used in my country for nearly 20 to 30 years. Today's paper cups are not only used to supply drinks such as coffee and tea, but also used to hold food, such as ice cream and soup, etc., go to any office, fast food restaurant, etc. , Disposable paper cups will be seen at large-scale events.


Classification of paper cups: There are roughly three types of disposable paper cups currently on the market


The first one is made of cardboard, which is mainly used to hold dry food such as popcorn and fried chicken, and cannot hold water;


The second is a waxed paper cup, with a layer of paraffin on the inner wall to waterproof, which can be used to hold frozen drinks, carbonated drinks, etc., and cannot hold hot water that is too high;


The third type is the "paper-plastic cup", which is also the most common and most used type of paper cup on the market. The outer wall of the cup is coated with a layer of paper, and the inner wall is coated with a layer of polyethylene or polypropylene coated paper, which can be used for both cold and hot drinks. Paper-plastic cups manufactured according to my country's industry standards have no problem in terms of safety.


Due to the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the guidance of relevant national policies, manufacturers are also looking for a degradable raw material to replace the plastic coating on the coated paper. At present, most of the research and application are plastic-free coatings.


Plastic-free paper cups can be degraded while meeting the safety and hygiene requirements of food contact products to achieve green, ecological and environmental protection purposes.


Notice: Paper cups are not allowed to hold alcoholic beverages, as alcohol is highly permeable and can easily lead to leakage.


Cup Size: Paper cups are measured in ounces (oz). There are 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 22 ounces paper cups that are common in the market.


Ounce is a unit of weight, 1 ounce weighs about 28.34 milliliters of water, and can usually be expressed as: 1 ounce (oz) is about 30 milliliters. For example, a 16oz paper cup has a capacity of nearly 500ml.


National standard for paper cups: GB/T 27590-2011, the new national standard puts forward higher requirements for paper cup raw materials, additives, packaging, printing, etc. to ensure the safety of consumers.


Shelf life of paper cups: According to the process conditions of the enterprise, the type of packaging, etc., the shelf life is generally 1 to 5 years.


Health hazards of unqualified paper cups: raw materials are moldy or contaminated during transportation and storage, the quality of printed inks is not up to standard, chemical additives are not used in the surface treatment of paper cups, and industrial wax or recycled polyethylene may be used to reduce costs. pose health risks.


In 2019, my country conducted spot checks on 156 batches of paper cup products produced by 155 enterprises in 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and no problems of excessive heavy metals, formaldehyde and other harmful substances were found. As early as 2007, paper cups without production licenses have faded out of the market.


Therefore, the paper cups that are officially sold in the Chinese market should not have the above safety hazards.

Advantages of Kraft Paper Boxes for Printing

Posted on Sep 01.2022

Kraft paper can be recycled many times, and the price is not high, the printing cost is low, and no lamination is required, saving costs. Because of these good properties, kraft paper packaging is very popular. Kraft paper is used as a packaging material

Kraft paper can be recycled many times, and the price is not high, the printing cost is low, and no lamination is required, saving costs. Because of these good properties, kraft paper packaging is very popular. Kraft paper is used as a packaging material and is very strong, usually yellowish-brown. Kraft paper is made from kraft softwood pulp, which is beaten and made on a Fourdrinier paper machine. It can be used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, glue-sealed paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, insulating paper, etc. The following two custom cases of kraft paper packaging and printing are shared below.


1. The use of kraft paper packaging box printing in the food field. I believe that when you go to eat KFC or McDonald's, you can see the shadow of kraft paper. KFC and McDonald's are indeed packaged with food-grade kraft paper. Usually, this type of kraft paper is used for packaging. The gram weight of the kraft paper is relatively low, generally about 40 grams. It is made of all wood pulp and needs to fully meet the food-grade standards. This type of packaging kraft paper is good, because the quality is good, and the price is naturally not low.


2. The use of kraft paper packaging box printing in the IT field. At present, the most classic is the Xiaomi mobile phone box. With the hot sale of Xiaomi mobile phones, the Xiaomi mobile phone box has naturally attracted the attention of many people. Like the Xiaomi mobile phone, the Xiaomi mobile phone box The high-weight kraft paper used has a special color and a very high burst resistance. The kraft paper packaging box made can well protect the Xiaomi mobile phone during transportation and will not be damaged due to pressure or other reasons. Therefore, the Xiaomi mobile phone The box can withstand hundreds of kilograms of pressure without deformation.

The above list is the use of kraft paper packaging in two industries. There are also classic cases of using kraft paper in other industries. The benefits of kraft paper packaging are determined by the performance of kraft paper. Because the texture of kraft paper is unique, and the color can bring people a sense of comfort, of course, the most important thing is that kraft paper has the durability that other papers do not have.

Points needing attention in making kraft paper bags

Posted on Aug 31.2022

What is a kraft paper bag? Kraft paper bags are bags made from kraft paper - a type of paper made from the chemical pulp of cork tree trunks. Kraft paper bags are also called recycled paper bags. The look of this paper bag is becoming more and more

Kraft paper bag manufacturers are more concerned about the issues, what are the precautions for making kraft paper bags? When you need to produce kraft paper bags, this article can help you make the best solution.




What is a kraft paper bag?

Kraft paper bags are bags made from kraft paper - a type of paper made from the chemical pulp of cork tree trunks. Kraft paper bags are also called recycled paper bags.

The look of this paper bag is becoming more and more popular these days. When plastic bags were increasingly boycotted, the bags took the throne. Because, when used, it is extremely safe for people and the surrounding environment.

That's why it has gained so much buzz from the moment it appeared on the market. Kraft paper bags are trusted and used by many people. If you are dealing in food, food, fruit or fashion products, cosmetics. Then perhaps, the kraft paper bag is a choice not to be missed.


Features of Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper comes in a variety of sizes and colors for many types of products.

The basic colors are golden brown and light yellow. In particular, some kraft paper bags are white because they are bleached or dyed by chemical techniques to increase their aesthetics.

Quantities range from 50gsm – 80gsm (for food packaging); from 135gsm – 280gsm (for bags); from 300gsm – 440gsm (for containers)…

Kraft paper is rough, tough and highly elastic. However, they cannot withstand strong shocks.

Good ink absorption, suitable for printing logos, product information, etc.

Certain types of kraft paper bags are also water and moisture resistant.

The decomposition time is short, only 3-6 months. Kraft paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags in the environmental cause.


The use of kraft paper bags

Used to protect the product from dust, sunlight, direct impact, moving from one place to another.

For wrapping fast food, it can ensure food hygiene and safety. On the other hand, kraft paper bags do not contain toxic substances and are safe for the health of users.

Used for packaging of candy, snacks, instant noodles and other foods.

For storing medical products, pharmacies such as medicines, cotton swabs,...

Used to store cement powder.

For clothing, design, printing...

Use as a label for business cards, clothes.

It can be recycled to make student notebooks, cartons, etc.


Precautions for printing kraft paper bags

There are many kinds of kraft paper, so the styles of paper bags are also very diverse, and you can choose freely according to the product. When printing kraft paper bags, you need to keep a few things in mind for best results.

1. Kraft paper bags are only suitable for certain types of goods

Despite its many uses, the truth is that kraft paper bags are only suitable for certain types of goods. Kraft paper bags are suitable for fashion, jewelry accessories, cosmetics, prepared foods, handmade products, etc.

Fresh produce, in liquid or gel form, should never be placed in paper bags at all. Because only some types of kraft paper bags are waterproof, but the effect is not very good.

2. You need to choose the appropriate paper weight

The weight of the goods at the time of printing will determine the grammage of the paper. What you need to do is determine what the weight of the product is.

For example, if you want to print kraft paper bags for clothes, you must choose a quantity from 135gsm - 280gsm. If it is lower, the bag will be difficult to fit, causing the bag to tear when you try to tuck it in.

3. Need to choose a suitable design model

According to the market trend, according to the company's product development direction, choose the appropriate design. Kraft paper bags come in many beautiful designs. Bags are available in round or square shapes, bags with flaps or with handles and other design models.

You should not be too picky about the design and obfuscate many details, but you should pay attention to logo symbols, brand characteristics. Currently, the most popular company prints kraft paper bags with paper strips, which are simple and equally sophisticated.

4. Need to choose the appropriate printing color of paper bag

The color of the printed paper bag is very important relative to the bag as a whole. At the same time, the disadvantage of kraft paper bags is that the printing color is more finicky, because their primary color is tan. You only need to choose the color of the paper bag printing to highlight the logo, product information, and just right with the nature of the product, it will add points to your product.

From paper straws to PLA straws, what are the alternatives to plastic straws after the "plastic ban"?

Posted on Aug 26.2022

From paper straws to PLA straws, what are the alternatives to plastic straws after the "plastic ban"?

"Have a cup of succulent grapes, a cup of hawthorn strawberries..." As soon as the order came, it was my turn to play. I am a straw, ordering milk tea and drinking beverages is indispensable to me. Since the "plastic ban" in Hainan, a lot of changes have taken place in a small straw.

From December 1, 2020, Hainan's first batch of "plastic ban" list was officially implemented. Disposable bags and tableware containing non-biodegradable polymer materials, including shopping bags, daily plastic bags, dishes, plates, beverages Cups (including lids), straws and other products are listed among them.

During that time, our paper straws seemed to usher in the spring. Due to the relatively mature processing and production technology, stable quality and relatively low cost, most of the restaurants in the market chose me as the initial substitute, and some milk tea shops will still be in Customers are reminded on the platform: Respond to the call for environmental protection and use paper straws.

But after a while, I heard different voices: "The paper straws are soaked soft before the milk tea is finished", "The mouth is sticky and smelly", "It will overflow foam when used to drink carbonated drinks"... I understand, these Tucao is caused by my obvious shortcomings and poor experience.

As an alternative to plastic straws, PLA straws were also "on the job" at about the same time as me. This foreign name actually refers to the bio-based polylactic acid straw.

In terms of user experience, PLA straws perform well. They have high toughness, strong impact resistance, and will not become soft when soaked in beverages. Everyone's comments on it are good. But it has a disadvantage, it is afraid of hot, and the degree of high temperature resistance is limited. Therefore, it has also encountered a career development "bottleneck" like me - how to better improve its own performance and meet consumer needs.

Unlike me, PLA straws are a new type of degradable plastic. It is made of starch raw materials extracted from renewable plant resources such as corn. It has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use. .

A researcher tested my "new colleague", and under laboratory conditions, it can be completely degraded in about 180 days, eventually becoming carbon dioxide and water. The decomposition of a plastic straw will take hundreds of years.

Not only plastic straws, in human life, 79% of the plastics that are discarded after use go into landfills or the natural environment, and this part of plastics forms plastic pollution. After a long period of time, these plastic wastes entering the environment will be broken into fragments smaller than 5 mm under the action of the natural environment, that is, microplastics. Microplastics may be ingested by animals, or enter the marine environment, or pollute soil water quality, etc., and ultimately affect the ecology and human health.

In this way, our entire "family" of alternatives has a "mission", and we are here to reduce plastic pollution. In order to complete the "task" well, we need to have basic "vocational skills" that are green, environmentally friendly, degradable, and easy to use.

After the "plastic ban", many new faces appeared in our industry, such as bamboo straws and coffee grounds straws. We recommend that you use less disposable straws, whether paper or plastic, if not necessary.
Which is better, PLA straw or paper straw?

Posted on Aug 25.2022

PLA straws are also called polylactic acid straws. The raw material polylactic acid is mainly derived from starch in corn and other grains, and is formed by polymerizing sugars in starch.

PLA degradable straws

1. Renewable raw materials

PLA straws are also called polylactic acid straws. The raw material polylactic acid is mainly derived from starch in corn and other grains, and is formed by polymerizing sugars in starch.

2. Completely degradable

It has good biodegradable properties. After being used and discarded, it can be decomposed into CO2 and H2O within 45 days, and it will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is a very good environmental protection material.

3. Comfortable to use

Its temperature tolerance is generally -10°C to 80°C, which is close to plastic straws. It has the same physical properties as traditional plastic straws, and it will not cause discomfort during daily use.

4. One-time molding

Using a one-time extrusion molding process, using a new type of screw extrusion, the heated and melted PLA ions are extruded through the die and cooled by the water tank under the pressure of pressure, and then cut into various specifications of straws.

5. Biosafety

After being extruded at high temperature, PLA straws have higher thermal stability and better solvent resistance. The gloss, transparency and hand feel of the straw are better, and various physical and chemical indicators meet the requirements of food safety regulations.


high price

The price of degradable PLA straws on the market is about 1 cent, and the high temperature resistant PLA straws are as high as 1 cent and 5, which is 2-3 times that of plastic straws.

Faced with the problem of high prices, it is necessary to improve production technology, production efficiency, and reduce costs through production equipment and raw materials.

paper straws advantage

1. Environmental protection and saving of raw materials

The raw materials of paper straws are different pulps, which are recyclable, easy to degrade, and environmentally friendly.

2. Safe and harmless

It is more user-friendly, and there is no damage that may be caused by sharp burrs.

3. Lower cost (higher than plastic straws)

Paper straws are about 7 or 8 cents, which is 1.5 times that of plastic straws.


1. Poor sense of use, easy to become soft, scattered or rotten

When drinking hot beverages, it usually takes a long time to drink. The paper straws are soaked in hot water for a long time, and they will basically become soft, rotten or scattered.

2. The cover cannot be directly pierced

Since the surface of the paper straw is smooth and free of sharp burrs, the slanted mouth is not sharp, and it is difficult to pierce when tying milk tea or beverage wrappers, which greatly affects the mood.

3. There is a shelf life, and there are requirements for the preservation environment

Generally, paper straws should be stored in a dry environment. Even if they are sealed, most of the sealed materials are paper-based. Even if they are not, there are gaps between the material molecules, and they will become soft in a humid environment for a long time. .

In order to solve these problems of paper straws, it is necessary to add plastic reagents or lamination treatment, and replace the sticky glue of paper straws. After these treatments, its degradability will also be reduced, and its environmental protection will also deteriorate.

After comparison, it is not difficult to see that the PLA straw is still better!
After the traditional plastic straw, the paper straw gradually faded out of the market. What is the reason?

Posted on Aug 24.2022

After the traditional plastic straw, the paper straw gradually faded out of the market. What is the reason?

In recent years, the most popular food and beverage industry is a variety of milk tea, with a variety of patterns, themes and joint names. The global sales of milk tea is booming, which also increases the use of related consumables, such as cups, cup caps and straws.

And what we want to talk about today is this humble straw

We usually use straws, but do you really feel the changes?

More than a year ago, the most stringent "ban on plastic" in history came into effect, stipulating that the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw is prohibited in the catering industry throughout the country.

According to reliable data, the cumulative output of plastic products in China in 2019 was 81.84 million tons, including nearly 30000 tons of plastic straws, about 46 billion, and more than 30 per capita. According to industry experts, the use time of plastic straws is only a few minutes, but the degradation time may be as long as 500 years! This is a very frightening and thought-provoking data.

With the issuance and implementation of the "plastic ban order", plastic straws were quickly replaced by paper straws, but this is still not a long-term solution. However, with the emergence of degradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA), the straw industry has ushered in great changes!

Detailed description of PLA materials

PLA degradable straw has very good natural decomposability. It seems to be produced to replace plastic. Once the straw made of such degradable material as PLA is launched, it will receive good feedback from the market.

Raw materials for producing degradable PLA straw

Today's milk tea is different from the past. More and more small materials such as pearls, coconut nuts, taro balls, milk jelly, taro puree, etc. have also led to the multi standardization of milk tea straws. And we have also made PLA degradable straws through multiple debugging and trial production, and have also made various characteristics that can replace plastic straws.